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Karir Charitable Trust Hospital, Tarn Taran

Add : KG.T.Road, Naushehra Pannuan
Tarn Taran
Tel : 91-1852-247451,
Mobile : 91-98760 21901
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Dr. Narinder Singh
Purpose : Aid, grant.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Objective to establish, run, maintain and grant aids to hospital, medical collages or schools, nursing homas, senitorium or maternity homes, dispensaries and other institutions of medical relief for general public.
To establish, run maintain the hospital for Welfare of the, poor public and run the hospital No profite no loss. To Donate or contribute the income of the Trust to any institutions, society or person carrying on public.
Charitable objects or those similar to this trust. To establish and maintain scholarships and give prizes stipends and other aid, including loans and scholarships.
To promote physical culture and education and generally to do all acts for improvement of wards and national health and phaycal development
and generally to grant aid to and utilise the income of the trust estate for charitable objects of general public utility as the trustees may in their discretion think fit and proper,
provided, however, that no part of income of the trust estate can be utilised by trustees for any object which is not a public charitable one.
It is hereby expressly declared that the trust has not been created or the benefit of any particular religious community or caste and it does not contain any provision for transfer
or application at any time of the whole or any part of the income of assets of the Trust for any purpose other then a public charitable purpose.
To establishan socitay, where Quality, equality, dignity, partnership and respects become part ofthe every day living. To build a technologically, economcally, socially develped healthy empowered by the years 2015.
To empower every n famialy live healthy and quality life.