Non Profit Non Government Organisations Punjab

Role of NGOs in Punjab 2

NGOs working for Social welfare in Punjab

The social change makers have been working against child labour and to upgrade the education level in the rural areas of the Punjab. Providing education to every child is their main aim and to uplift their standards of living. The NGOs has been organising various kinds of group activities to develop their self confidence and self esteem. They teach the students by involving them in play activities and also organises NSS and NCC camps. Through NSS camps they guide them about the cleanliness of the surroundings and to stay in contact with the nature. Teaching them about hygiene and cleanliness of self is also the aim of their schooling. The various groups of change makers are providing them facilities to participate in sports.
NGOs are working for the dalits ‘the untouchables’ the groups of people who do not have right to enter in the home of the upper caste families and are also called as untouchables. The groups of people whose girls and wife’s are still being raped and after that murdered by the men of the upper castes and after that male persons of the families are tourchered by them if they become the complainants against them. For this stratum of the population NGOs are working from years to uplift their status and also fighting for their rights and justice for them. NGOs has been organising seminars, workshops and various events to sensitize the public to fight against the injustice done with them from years which is still going on.
The non- governmental organisations in Punjab have need to work on providing teachings on the legal rights, laws meant for women and to make them aware about their common rights being a human. They need to start work to provide free of cost legal helps or legal supports at low costs to the dalit women. To empower them in actual means the NGOs have need to work on educating the girl child, providing free of cost tuitions to them, safe and sound environment for their social empowerment and against moral policing and on their diet management and their health. Moral policing is one of main cause out of the various causes of suicide attempts by educated girls of big cities as well as uneducated girls of villages. Special programmes on sex education are required to be get organised for girls to clear their doubts and these seminars help them to maintain themselves well confidently in adolescent period as well as a healthy married life.
The other main issue is to work against drug- addictions, for this providing first-aid and medical care to the candidates of the de-addiction centres in villages is must. Lack of emergency care for such candidates is a major reason of deaths, because the withdrawal symptoms of some drugs lead to fatal conditions. For the farmers there is need to organise seminars by the experts of field to teach them better methods of farming. This way the various non-governmental organisations will be able to achieve their target to change the pathetic conditions of the society by empowering the weaker section of the society. At the end we the social makers also need to work for to save environment and natural resources and to sensitize the people towards the care for the animals and birds.